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I have placed out in public a loaded question. Could Pope Francis I be the dreaded 666 mentioned in Revelation 13:18? Which states, "Here is a puzzle that calls for careful thought to solve it. Let those who are able, interpret this code: the numerical values of the letters in his name add to 666!" This verse is relating a clue to the identity of the Antichrist. At the time of its writing, one of the official languages of the Roman Empire was Latin (it was on the Roman coins). The number system was Roman numerals. Since both are still used today, they can be used to decipher the code. Here is the answer:

meaning: Vicar of the Son of God
1-D = 500
1-C = 100
1-L = 50
1-U = 5
1-V = 5
6-I = 6
The letters U and V in the 1st century were considered the same letter, so the value of each is also the same.

Now let's look at more clues given throughout Revelation and the Old Testament book of Daniel. Rev. 17:9, 18 shows us the city of Rome, built on seven hills it is also home to a one-world religion. This city is represented by the Great Harlot. She is perfectly described in Rev. 17:4. The Woman's clothing is purple and scarlet. Two colors worn frequently by those in leadership of the Catholic Church. The mention of beautiful jewelry made of gold, gems and pearls clearly shows the rosary and the splendor of this religion. The third clue drives the point home of the focus in the Vatican - the Great Harlot is described holding a golden goblet. This can only be the holy sacrament of communion, which is always shown with the golden chalet.

Let me make one point perfectly clear! This is no way meant to offend the Catholic FAITH! We see very clearly that in Rev. 18:4, Jesus Christ will call His followers from out of this RELIGION in the Last Days.

Now look at it this way. In the past, evil popes have reigned. This current Pope has only begun his and already prophecy is being fulfilled. Learn to understand the book of Daniel and what the statue in Nebuchadnezzar's dream meant. The legs of iron is understood as the Roman Empire. The feet of the statue represents the kingdom of the Antichrist, which is also made of part iron. His kingdom must be a part of Rome. Daniel 9:26 suggests that the Antichrist will come from Roman ancestry. Both the city of Jerusalem and the Jewish temple were destroyed by the Romans in 70AD. Although Pope Frances I was born in Argentina, both his parents are Italian. He then fits the prophecy of Roman lineage.

On April 13, 2013, Pope Frances called for a new governing body in the Vatican which included nine cardinals of his choice. This elite inner circle will be meeting for the first time in October, 2013. This fulfills another prophecy of Daniel 7. A group of ten kings (princes of the Catholic Church?) will organize and one of them arises to claim complete power. Three are rooted out completely and this also fits Revelation 12:3, 13:1.

Understand that the goal of the Antichrist is to have everyone worship him alone. In order to deceive the Christian, he will need to imitate God as closely as possible. Satan already has deceived the Unbelievers, they will follow whatever Satan directs. The Muslims and every false religion is already deceived by the Devil's lies. The focus will be to trick the "Christian" and Jesus warned ahead of time that even the elect could be fooled - if it was possible (Matthew 24:24). What better plan of deception than to imitate Christ through a Christian entity?

A few characteristics concern me about Pope Frances I. His "humble" nature which is not humble at all. He made changes the first few days of his papacy. He will not wear the red papal shoes, because he prefers the black Jesuit ones. He will not wear the gold papal cross necklace, because he prefers the IRON Jesuit one. The fact that he is a Jesuit should concern even the Catholics. A first in Vatican history. These Jesuits were considered the Black Popes because of their brutal ideals that were radically enforced. They are considered the military arm of the church.

Pope Frances does have a dark history with the Dirty War in Argentina. It has raised questions about his involvement which was never proven, but yet remains.

My purpose in the billboard is to get people to THINK. To think about the possibility of a Pope being the Antichrist, but also to encourage you to read the Bible and the book of Revelation. To follow Christ's command of  being aware. To be watching.

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Here is a puzzle that calls for careful thought to solve it.  Let those who are able, interpret this code: 
              ....the numerical values of the letters in his name add to 666! (Revelation 13:18)

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